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Ground Transportation --
Business Driven


Black Taxis, Cars, MPVs
- integrated business transport, professionally driven

Multi-Vendor Ground Transportation

A managed ground transportation service offering more vehicle options and real cost benefits

Encompass has a dedicated Tech Team … constantly enhancing the booking tool.

Head of UK & NEEMEA Travel Operations at international bank.

Tailored Solution

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Encompass is London’s proprietary ground transportation platform – easy to use, savvy and responsive – with fast, reliable booking, dispatch and reporting, all in one place.

Encompass’ multi-vendor integrated service ensures your business gets the right vehicle, to the right location, for the right price, on every journey.

Available via app, online or telephone,
24/7 & 365 days a year.

Excellence & Expertise

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  • The First (and Best) Proprietary Booking Tool

    Encompass is the only platform, fully owned, developed, managed and supported by an in-house IT team.

  • Expert Client Service Team

    Accessible, knowledgeable and able to help, our team are always there when you need us – for information, travel assistance and prompt resolution of any service issues.

  • Comprehensive, Accurate, MI Reporting

    Our capabilities are extensive – whatever you require – our highly granular data provision is transformed into detailed management reports, designed and tailored to your individual business needs.

Benefit Your Business

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Save Money on Ground Transportation

Encompass offers real cost-savings of booking, dispatch and reporting all in one place.
Here’s how

  • Encompass is a genuinely, independent ground transport service platform – not affiliated to just one private hire vehicle (PHV) vendor;
  • Clients retain full control of vendor/vehicle choice on every trip;
  • Encompass fully implements compliance to your business’ ground travel policy;
  • Select your vehicle from just PHVs and/or a combination of Black Taxis& PHVs;
  • Guaranteed Black Taxi supported service, as required.

Easy Book

  • Quick, intuitive and easy to use, bookings can be made via telephone (at the Encompass in-house London-based Contact Centre), email, online or via the Encompass mobile App.
  • This is the most secure, profile-based system which enables information on regular trip destinations, contact details, home addresses, specific passenger requests, driver instructions etc to be stored within individual traveller profiles.

Exceptional Client Service

  • The Encompass team ensure there is always a named individual at the end of the phone to deal with booker, traveller and account requests/enquiries.
  • The responsiveness of the entire client services team (including booking operators, dedicated account managers and expert technical and data managers) – is a true differentiator of the Encompass service.
  • Encompass employ only best-in-class client service managers, who liaise directly with their clients on day-to-day service needs, ensuring your business receives responsive, prompt and effective resolution to all queries raised.
  • We retain highly qualified, experienced and personable Contact Centre staff. Investing and developing our people delivers high quality customer service to our clients. As a result, we enjoy extremely low staff turnover (97% YOY staff retention).

Speedy Dispatch

  • Single or multi-vehicle, multi-vendor selection is available for any given journey.
  • Integral system flexibility means clients can adjust work allocation to multiple vendors, to respond quickly if any PHV vendor underperformance occurs.
  • Complex pricing models/rates across a range of vendors are built within Encompass and can be adjusted/updated as required.

Invoice Validation

  • Consolidated, rate-checked invoices are produced for cost, quality, delivery and vendor
    performance measurement of the Encompass service provision.
  • This enables greater accountability of PHV vendor performance against agreed SLA and KPIs.

Meaningful MI

  • Encompass delivers a suite of management information (MI) reports for Travel Teams and Business Unit managers.
  • With more than 100 individual booking data elements that can be referenced for individual trips, combined with profile and account data, comprehensive regular monthly and ad hoc MI, including Executive Summaries, can be delivered in whatever format you require - PDP, Excel, CSV, XML or fixed field etc.
  • Self-service online reporting via the Encompass portal is also available to allow clients to drill down on data themselves.


  • The Encompass Information Security Management System (ISMS) is regulated to ISO 27001 standard.
  • All ISMS documentation is located within the Encompass ISMS Library and can be viewed by any client’s inspector or agent at our premises upon request.
  • Encompass recognises that ISMS is an on-going process subject to continual scrutiny, improvement, implementation and updates.

Excellence and expertise in total ground transportation

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