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Encompass is quick, intuitive and simple to use … but don’t worry … we are here to help should you need it.

Booking Access

  • Encompass is a business ground transportation service.
  • To use the Encompass service you must first open an Encompass account.
  • Encompass is a secure profile-based system that allows each business user to store information relating to regular trip destinations, contact details, home addresses, specific traveller requests, driver instructions etc within individual profiles.
  • Bookings can be made via telephone, online or via the Encompass mobile App. All authorised users have their own password which allows them to ‘log in’ directly to the Encompass
    booking system.
  • Bookings can be ASAP, pre-booked, recurring, in advance (TBA) or flight tracked against the OAG flight schedule system.
  • Cancellations and amendments to all booked trips can be made easily via any booking
    method – telephone, online or mobile Encompass App.
  • For last minute changes, a quick call to the Encompass Contact Centre will release the
    booking immediately.

Vehicle Choice

  • Encompass enables its clients to retain complete control over the type of vehicle that is selected/booked for any given journey.
  • Whatever your corporate travel policy rules, e.g. restricting access to specific vehicles at certain times of day, for particular trips or for some trip distances – the criteria are built in to the Encompass booking platform, which is tailored to individual client requirements.
  • All business travel rules can be compulsory or advisory. In this way, Encompass ensures that only the right vehicle is selected for the right journey.

Credit Card Facility

  • All credit card details – in full compliance with the highest levels of credit card security
    requirements – are encrypted, so that Encompass does not store any credit card details on its system.
  • Business and personal trips can be charged to different credit cards as required. This means that your authorised staff can benefit from the priority Encompass service, even for personal trips.
  • Our rigorous in-house validation process ensures that only genuine business trips are
    charged to company credit cards.

Encompass Helpline

PHONE:020 7426 5895


Manage Travel Costs

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Encompass is the most efficient, independent platform, delivering real cost-savings to its clients.

Vendor Impartiality

  • Encompass is different because the service is not owned or linked to any individual PHV vendor.
  • This ensures that all its clients retain complete flexibility and control to allocate trips to their PHV vendor of choice.
  • Encompass also does not require that its clients include a Black Taxi option within the choice of vehicles available. Some clients prefer to only use a variety of PHV vendors.
  • The benefit for all clients is that they can negotiate the best possible prices from multiple vendors, thus offering significant business travel cost-savings.

Travel Data Hub

  • Retaining an unsurpassed level of expertise within the in-house IT support team ensures Encompass’ clients have access to the most accurate, versatile, comprehensive MI available.
  • Whatever information you require can be provided as dashboards, regular and ad hoc
    reporting for internal business interrogation purposes, as well as self-service online reporting.
  • Consolidating all ground transportation reporting in one place, offers considerable time efficiency and cost-saving benefits for Encompass clients.

Contact Helpline

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PHONE: 020 7426 5895


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